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and rescue, and community resilience. Sger proposals may be submitted to individual programs. In the case of hurricane Katrina, a sger award would allow for the rapid collection of ephemeral datadata that must be gathered rapidly in the aftermath of disasters before their validity are compromised with the passage of time. Updated regulations and publications are available at: The Specified Gas Emitters Regulation first came into effect in 2007. The first is electrical power systems, which includes incipient failure detection, restoration processes, power quality issues, and fault data. The Specified Gas Emitters Regulation is available through the Alberta Queens Printer online catalogue. Rebates will be provided to low and middle-income Albertans to offset costs associated with the carbon levy.

Third, proposals on robotics and sensor networks that focus on autonomous damage assessment, sensor fusion, and decision systems, are also sought. On November 23, 2016, Alberta announced the introduction of a capacity electricity market, which is intended to provide a reliable supply of electricity at a stable rate. By 2030, renewable sources like wind and solar will account for 30 of electricity generation in Alberta. Albertas small business corporate income tax rate is being reduced by one third, from 3 to 2 effective Jan 1, 2017, to help businesses adjust to the carbon levy. Interested researchers are strongly encouraged to contact program directors in their disciplines to discuss romantisk miniferie for 2 the opportunities for sger awards. Osags report focuses on encouraging lower emission intensity production and building the necessary reporting and forecasting systems for compliance with the limit.